Painting Cedar Weatherboards

To Paint or not to paint?… Cedar Cladding.
There are usually three main reasons why a person may choose to paint cedar boards

1 – Eitedited1-9688her they aren’t so lovely…Did you let the timber go, beyond revitalisation?  Perhaps it’s all flakey, maybe gone grey and it wont come back to looking good?

2 – Or you are simply ‘Over’ that traditional cedar look and itching for colour.

3) Paint is easier to maintain than Traditional Oils

Once you have applied that first brush load of paint, you’re committed as there is no un-painting rough sawn cedar. Even if you could sand it off, it’s always going to look different to the rest of the boards due to the texture change. For this reason, we always suggest testing colour onto a separate board just in case you change your mind and stay with cedar.

Typically, painting of a cedar house is time consuming, though absolutely worth it if you want a fresh clean look.
It is an option to choose to an appropriate gap sealant prior to painting, this will aide in insulating the boards by restricting airflow, it also keeps the spiders at bay.  Be prepared however, gapping an entire house will take a few tubes or even boxes of gaps, and only a select few types of gaps and putty’s specify they are for weatherboards 😉

After gapping is done, there is a fair to good chance you will need to oil base under coat, or timber prime the boards. This is essential if the house had previously been oiled as acrylic paint will not adhere properly otherwise.

Lastly, two coats of a quality exterior acrylic house paint will finish off the job nicely.

If you are keen to take on weatherboards as your next project, come in and chat to us about all the right tools, paint products and techniques to make your DIY project look like the professionals did it! edited1-9819