What is Property Styling?

This service helps to maximize the first impressions of your home,. Whether it’s restyling your own home and getting out of that decorating rut,  or when you may be considering placing your home on the property market, styling is a great way to get things looking their very best!

Have you ever found yourself walking through a property and found yourself subconsciously picking out the flaws? Our aim is to shift the focus to the potential of the property by using smart styling, with minimum expense. Taking time to style your home prior to sale will enhance buy appeal and help to achieve the very best price possible.

I like decorating, why have someone do it with me?

Being objective where you home is concerned is quite difficult! A professional will be able to walk through your home and provide neutral advice on how best to prepare your home for sale. Sometimes simple re-positioning of furniture, updating a few items, fresh colours or even just better using what is available to you can make all the difference.