Question: I just had a deck built, should I coat it while it still looks good?

Certainly not. If your timber is new, it will be full of tannins and oils, and if your timber is full of oil it will not absorb products.

We can help you figure out which system is best for your timber type and select a preferred top coat.  Each Manufacturer has different requirements when it comes to the application of their products, so it’s best to take some time and chat with us about your best plan for getting that deck looking fantastic.

Question: Can I talk to someone about my painting project?

All of us are experienced in the paint industry in one way or another, a few are even master painters! We love the fact that we are different to other stores in that we take time to talk to you.  You can ask us as many questions as you like, we have probably heard them all before  😉 Our aim is to make each customer confident with their painting project before they leave.


Question: I need to repaint my trims.... oil or water based?

Which paint to use on trims can really depend on a few things. You want to make sure you know what existing paint is on the trims to start with. A methylated spirits  test will sort that out, as metho breaks down water based paints a quick rub with a cloth will determine what you have on there. 

Once that testing stage is completed you can look into the advantages of water over oil and which you’d prefer to use.  There are good merits for both, but ultimately it will depend of which colour you are selecting and which area you are painting.   It’s best to come in and have a chat about the best product and application method for your individual task.


Question: Should I stir paint before I use it?

Yes, absolutely. Always stir the paint. There could be a situation when the tinter hasn’t been dispersed totally into the paint. It will result in painting on a wrong colour or having tinter streaks on your walls. Paint Place stores sell special paint stirrer, use it in a vertical motion, like mashing potatoes until you are satisfied there aren’t any drops of tinter visible.

Graham Potter, Paint Place Strathpine, QLD

Question: Is painting my kitchen an option?

Absolutely worth it! If you are looking for a solution to replacing your kitchen then painting the cupboards is just the thing. You can easily do this yourself with the right plan. You can get an extra 5 -10 years out of your kitchen if painted properly, there are even examples in the before and after gallery to look at.  All you need is a good clean down, an undercoat and 2 top coats in the right products. Easy.

Question: Are you the guys that were up on the highway at the John Bull Centre before it burned down?
Question: Can you colour match?

Can we ever! We are all trained in colour matching, and we  do it by eye, not by machine, giving a far more accurate result.

Just bring us in a sample the size of a twenty cent piece or larger and we can sort that out for you.

Question: Do you do Automotive paints?

We sure do! We stock the wanda paint system, come in and chat to us further about your needs.

Question: I saw it on the Block/Better homes and that how it's done?


We will help you to get it to look like that, but done properly.


Question: How hard is wallpapering?


Wallpapering is a lot easier than you may think! Recent innovations with wallpaper manufacture mean papers are now much easier to hang than before. Quite often now, you don’t even have to wet the paper, just add glue to the wall! All you need is some advice on preparation, the right tools and a plan! We are more than happy to get you going on your wallpaper project, just pop in and chat with us.