Painting with Rust Paints

Rust Paint is one of those great alternatives to a standard feature wall, it can be used on the interior and exterior to provide that natural yet industrial element to a room.

As with any specialty paint, you’re best to familiarize yourself with the process before launching in, and we are more than happy to help you out there. There are a few ways to apply Rust paint, varying between brands. We also find that the tone of the rust varies also (through our testing)..In our store, for a darker richer rust,  Haymes is recommended. For a brighter more orange rust (pictured below on wall) Murobond is the way to go.

The process is the same in principal,  in that you undercoat the walls, apply a base coat of Iron, then apply the oxidizing products. You can opt to speed up the process with salty water, choose to rag, brush, sponge, or wipe the products on to randomize the effect if you wish. Applying Rust Paint goes against our desire to neatly paint, obtaining best results from being haphazard and ‘messy’ throughout the process, it increases the overall effect.

At the end you can either seal the look with a clear sealer to increase washability, or leave it natural and it will continue to rust. Whichever Brand you choose, you can be assured the end result is extremely effective.